Advanced Boiling Water Reactors

Hitachi pioneered the development of Advanced Boiling Water Reactors (ABWRs). Key features ensure that ABWRs are highly functional and offer enhanced safety during development and operation. The modular design developed by Hitachi makes ABWRs simpler to construct and easier to operate, while the efficient turbine technology offers reliable electricity generation.

Best-of-breed technology
Hitachi’s ABWR - the world’s first ‘Generation III+’ reactor in operation – provides the highest level of safety and security. This latest design has increased the power generation capacity of the reactor while also decreasing its containment size – reducing its overall footprint. Key components have undergone rigorous testing to make them more reliable than in previous designs.

As experts in nuclear power generation technology, Hitachi has also developed advanced methods of construction. By employing large-scale modular construction methods - in which plant components are assembled at dedicated factories and transported direct to the site - it is shortening work periods and raising the level of quality assurance.

The design of ABWRs is fully compliant with well-established, international criteria on safety. ABWR safety features are based on the Defence in Depth (DiD) concept in which multiple levels of protection are provided at each layer of the build with no reliance on other layers.
To accomplish an enhanced level of nuclear safety and combat severe conditions, safety features of the design will be further assessed, both as part of the Generic Design Assessment and in light of the incidents at the Fukushima Dai'ichi power plant caused by the huge earthquake and subsequent tsunamis on 11 March 2011.

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Hitachi’s ‘Generation III+’ ABWRs are the most advanced reactors in commercial operation in the world today.
As experts in nuclear power generation technology, Hitachi has developed advanced methods of construction.