Managing Radiation

We are all exposed to tiny doses of radiation every day. Most of it comes from natural sources, including radon gas from the ground, cosmic rays from outer space and radiation from rocks and soil.

These natural sources account for about 85% of the average dose of background radiation, with artificial sources accounting for about 15%. Almost all artificial background radiation comes from medical procedures such as X-rays, while nuclear power stations account for less than 0.1% of the amount we receive annually.
The maximum potential additional impact of radiation to any member of the public from a nuclear power station is about the same as they would receive from taking a single return flight to New York each year. This level represents no significant health risk to people living near to nuclear power stations or to employees.

Our pledge
We are committed to managing power generation safely at all of our sites. As such, Horizon Nuclear Power will work closely with the relevant authorities to ensure the safe radiological operation of our plant throughout its life and during the later decommissioning process.

For more on health and safety within the UK nuclear industry, visit the Office for Nuclear Regulation.

We are committed to managing power generation safely at all our sites.
Renewable sources of electricity must form a part of the energy mix, but currently only supply 7% of the UK’s electricity. Nuclear power is part of a balanced UK energy mix.