Supplier Registration

During planning, construction and operation, our new nuclear plant will bring significant new business and employment opportunities. Over the next decade, Horizon and the Delivery Team intend to work with suppliers to expand and develop the role of the UK supply chain. We are in the early stages of a complex major infrastructure project and we are keen to build strong relationships at every level of the supply chain. Our current focus is on early engagement with prospective suppliers, investigating your interest, capabilities, experience and aspirations to develop your business.


At Horizon, we believe the UK supply chain has substantial experience, capability and capacity to assist the delivery of the developments at our Wylfa Newydd and Oldbury sites. The scale and scope of these projects offer valuable opportunities for suppliers.

Any prospective supplier must demonstrate they are capable and competitive while assuring safety and quality requirements are met through systematic project risk management during delivery. At each site our principle commitment is to maintain high safety standards and we will be looking to build relationships and collaborate with organisations that share our culture, values and vision.

Focus on the future
We would like to ensure small and medium sized companies local to our sites understand the possible opportunities. We will work with our Tier 1 partners and selected local and national organisations to assist local businesses that want to be considered for direct and indirect subcontracting opportunities and potentially develop their existing capabilities to meet our basic tendering and sub-contracting requirements.
How can companies get involved?
In this section you will find the information you need to express your interest in participating in the delivery of our projects.

At this early stage of development, we are encouraging potential suppliers to introduce their business capabilities and outline their areas of expertise. The first step is to complete our online supplier registration process.

How will the process work?
As procurement pipeline plans are developed we will explain in more detail how future opportunities will be advertised and procured. 

What is the registration process?
The registration process is one of the tools we will use to identify potential interested suppliers that can support our projects. This is a company registration process therefore one entry per company or business is required.

Information submitted must be an accurate and truthful reflection of the organisation.

It is the responsibility of the principle contact registered to that ensure information is kept live.  The system allows users to manage and update their own company details. It is the responsibility of the principle contact to keep these details live

To view the questions in advance before starting the registration process, please Click here

Please note this is neither a pre-qualification system, nor an approved suppliers list.  Where relevant and with your permission we may share relevant information with our Tier 1 partners.
Unfortunately we are not able to accept handwritten forms or scanned copies, unless agreed in advance with Horizon.  If you are unable to complete the online registration or have any questions relating to registration, please contact our supplier chain team at

What companies need to do before registering?
It is advisable to check with your colleagues that your company registration has not been completed previously, however the system has been designed to recognise a duplicate entry.

How do I ask for assistance?
If you have technical issues please contact

Can I arrange meeting with a member of the team to introduce the capabilities of our company?
Horizon will continue to arrange and participate in a range of industry events, conferences and seminars.  Click here to view the major business networking events that we shall be attending.   

Our ability to arrange speculative appointments is limited.  For this to be considered please email proposing details of the meeting and the key objective.

Local and Regional Businesses
Businesses local to our lead site Wylfa Newydd, can also express their interest in exploring future opportunities directly with Horizon and their Tier 1 delivery partners via the links below:

Click here for additional useful links

We believe that up to 60% of the value of the first generating unit will be spent on UK-sourced materials, personnel and services.
Our projects will represent a multi-billion pound investment over the coming decades and each development site could see a peak workforce of up to 6,000 during construction.