Our proposed multi-billion pound investment programme in new nuclear power stations at our Wylfa Newydd site on Anglesey and our Oldbury-on-Severn site in South Gloucestershire would represent one of the largest civil infrastructure projects in the UK.

Our role
Horizon Nuclear Power will carry out all development activities, including enabling works, securing planning permissions and site licenses as well as running all public consultations. Horizon Nuclear Power will be the Site Licence Company (SLC), responsible for constructing, operating and later decommissioning our power plants.

We will directly procure and manage a number of contracts with approved suppliers. These approved suppliers will be in control of the procurement and management of any sub-contracting services that are required. They will be responsible for all works or goods and for the quality and performance of their supply chain (including every tier of their sub-contractor).

As the SLC, Horizon Nuclear Power will adopt a quality graded approach to oversight of the overall supply chain as part of our ultimate responsibility for safety and quality. This oversight role includes both our approved suppliers and their sub-contractors throughout the entire supply chain.
The role of Hitachi Nuclear Energy Europe, Ltd.
Hitachi Nuclear Energy Europe, Ltd.  was formed in 2015 to provide effective localised management and delivery of selected UK and European nuclear business.  Its first major role is to lead Hitachi’s work in the Menter Newydd joint venture.

The role of Menter Newydd.
Menter Newydd – as the primary contractor to Horizon – will carry out all activities relating to the main on-site construction of Wylfa Newydd, including design, procurement and construction of the intended reactor technology – the UK ABWR.
On 20 May 2016 the three partners announced formation of Menter Newydd, to become the Tier 1 delivery team tasked with constructing Wylfa Newydd. 

As it develops and expands its UK operations, Menter Newydd will generate a substantial requirement for goods, services and works and will be directly responsible for managing procurement activity relating to main on-site construction.

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Hitachi Nuclear Energy Europe – in its role as the lead contractor to Horizon Nuclear Power – has a new independent supplier registration website. This process is aimed specifically at those companies with an interest in working in the supply chain for the Delivery Team.  Registration requires basic company details, and only takes around 10 minutes. It is not pre-qualification, just a way of bringing your company to Hitachi Nuclear Energy Europe’s attention. For more information, please visit:

Horizon has a well-established separate supplier registration system and this remains the route to make contact with Horizon.

All our suppliers are expected to match our commitment to safety, health and security.
The civil nuclear industry employs more than 60,000 highly skilled people throughout the UK, with a total of over 100,000 jobs being directly or indirectly linked with the industry.

Supply Chain Charter
Our Supply Chain Charter is designed to set out the principles, expectations and behaviours we have set for ourselves and our Tier 1 & 2 suppliers.  We will encourage all our suppliers to aspire to meet our principles of openness and transparency, supply chain development, involvement of the local supply chain, consideration of Welsh language and culture, and performance – as set out in the Charter.