Wylfa Newydd – Our Proposals

Our proposals for Wylfa Newydd will bring significant investment and benefits to the region. With billions of pounds of new infrastructure, Horizon Nuclear Power is committed to the long-term future of the area.

Developing Wylfa Newydd will be a large construction project. The different components of our proposals are likely to include:

  • a power station, including two nuclear reactors with a minimum generating capacity of up to 2700 MW;
  • a Marine Off-Loading Facility (MOLF);
  • cooling water intake and outfall structure
  • electricity transmission infrastructure;
  • other associated buildings, such as administration offices including park and ride facilities, temporary worker accommodation, and at least one logistics centre;
  • interim waste and spent-fuel storage facilities;
  • access roads; and
  • measures and initiatives to manage any impacts during the construction and operation of a new power station.
Next Steps
Before we submit our development consent application we will carry out further formal public consultations. Our first phase of consultation ran from 29 September to 8 December 2014. We will hold our next stage of public consultation later in 2016. You can find out more about our proposals here.
Before we submit any major planning or development consent application we will carry out formal public consultation.
Nuclear is the only proven technology capable of delivering large capacities of low carbon energy whatever the weather.