Waste and Decommissioning

We’re committed to managing spent fuel and radioactive waste safely, securely and to the highest standards.

The UK has a strong and independent nuclear regulatory body which will play a key role in ensuring the secure disposal of waste arising from the new nuclear power stations. 

The Government has clearly stated that developers and operators of new nuclear power stations will need to finance them. This includes the full costs of decommissioning and each operator's full share of waste management costs.

The reactors we will use have been specifically designed with decommissioning in mind. Our sites will have been built, operated for 60-plus years, and fully dismantled before many of the UK’s current nuclear power stations have been fully decommissioned.

The UK Government has a policy to develop a deep Geological Disposal Facility for final storage of UK waste. This follows international best practice and the construction of geological disposal facilities is already underway in countries such as Finland and Sweden.

The Nuclear Decommissioning Authority has taken the lead in identifying a UK site for the repository and it is the role of the UK Government to assess the options available.

To find out more about what the Government is doing about radioactive waste visit the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA)