Required skills

To fill these new power station positions and operate to the highest industry standards we will need people with the right skills and talent. If you are keen to be involved, you can find out more about some of the positions we expect to become available and the types of training that will be required below.

Job profiles:
Operations staff
Operational activities are essential to the day-to-day running of the plant. Operations staff run the reactors, steam turbines and ancillary plant on a shift rota. Entry requirements vary from those with practical experience to those with relevant degrees.
Engineering staff
Engineering is vital for the safe operation of a nuclear power station and a new plant will require nuclear, mechanical, electrical and civil engineers as well as chemists, environmentalists and radiation specialists. A typical entry requirement for these roles would be a degree qualification but experience is often necessary too.
Plant staff
Maintenance staff provide support to the power station to ensure the smooth operation of the facility. Maintenance crews generally do not work shifts and will have a broad range of experience.
Support staff cover a variety of roles, such as human resources, finance and facilities management.
Tradespeople including caterers, cleaners, groundskeepers, painters, carpenters and security guards, provide important support at any power station. Often there are no specific entry requirements but some trades will require an appropriate level of skills.

If you are interested in pursuing a career in the nuclear industry there is lots of information available to help you select the right subjects, courses or training programmes to get involved in. For everything you need to know about skills and training see our Useful Links page.
In order to operate to the highest industry standards we will need people with the right skills and talent.