Resources to inspire young minds and build skills.

Futures activities for secondary school children are designed to build on foundations laid through our primary resources. With a strong focus remaining on STEM subjects, our secondary programme also aims to support skills development and pathways that will lead into sustainable careers in the future.

If you are a student thinking about what GCSEs you might choose - or a careers advisor or parent helping a young person make decisions about their future career paths - then our career route maps can help guide you. Each one can be downloaded:

  1. Engineering
  2. Chemistry
  3. Health Physics
  4. Maintenance
  5. Business Support
  6. Operational

We’ve also asked some of Horizon’s employees to talk about their jobs, how they got to where they are and the qualifications and experiences they have. Follow the links to find out more:

  1. Training Manager
  2. Emergency Preparedness Lead
  3. Senior Mechanical Engineer
  4. Site Manager
  5. Site Security Lead

We’re also developing a nuclear focused physics module with Anglesey secondary teachers so please come back in the future and see what’s new.

In North Wales we’re working in partnership with a number of organisations to deliver additional programmes linked with our aims. Some of our partnerships include:


Secondary education 1

Secondary education 2

Secondary Education 3

Secondary Education 4