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The team building a new power station on Anglesey is throwing its support behind an island community’s World Record breaking attempt.

Horizon Nuclear Power is backing Amlwch residents in their bid to gather the most people together wearing high-visibility vests by donating a thousand bright vests in support.
Taking place at 1pm on Saturday 3 March at Ysgol Syr Thomas Jones, town residents must beat the current record, held by the City of Kitakyushu in Japan, which gathered an impressive 2,136 vest-wearers. But the organisers of the Amlwch event, Michaela Jones and her mum Paula, are hoping lots of local people come together to smash that figure and put Amlwch on the World Record map. 
After the record attempt, the high-visibility vests provided by Horizon will all be distributed to schools, community groups and charities in the town supporting safety initiatives locally. Money raised at the event will be donated to the school for repairs.
Daron Hodges, Wylfa Newydd Site Manager for Horizon, said: “When we heard what Michaela and her mum were planning we knew we had to help – not only is it a fantastic community challenge but the record itself really struck a chord with our team who wear high-visibility safety gear at Wylfa Newydd day in, day out.
“Safety is our number one priority and earlier this year we were proud to celebrate 1,000,000 working hours without incident or injury at our Wylfa Newydd site. Our team will be heading along to Amlwch in Horizon high-visibility to help boost the numbers and hopefully ensure it’s a record-breaking day.”
Michaela Jones, organiser of the event, said: “We were really pleased when Horizon offered to donate 1,000 vests, especially as they’ll all be passed on to local people afterwards. We’ve done so much preparation for this, so we just hope everybody comes along on the day to help us smash the record.”
More information about the record attempt can be found on the Guinness World Record - Most People Wearing High-Vis Vests 2018 Facebook Page. Budding local record-breakers are being asked to bring their own yellow or orange high-visibility vest or waistcoats to help supplement those being provided by Horizon.
More information about Horizon and its proposals for Wylfa Newydd is available at, by calling 0800 954 9516 or by emailing
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Richard Foxhall – 07807 769265 or 
Notes to editors:
  • Horizon Nuclear Power was formed in 2009 to develop new nuclear power stations in the UK. The company was acquired by Hitachi Ltd of Japan in November 2012.
  • Horizon’s development on Anglesey will represent a multibillion pound investment in North Wales, creating high-quality, long term employment opportunities and unlocking lasting economic and social benefits for the region.

Horizon Nuclear Power has announced that its next Open Surgery event will take place on Monday 19 February at Cemaes Village Hall.

Now in their tenth year, the Open Surgery events are designed to give people interested in the Wylfa Newydd Project the opportunity to drop in, meet the team and ask questions.
Richard Foxhall, Communications and Stakeholder Relations Manager at Horizon, said: “It may be early in the year, but we’re making a lot of progress at Wylfa Newydd. Not only are we getting ready for the submission of our Development Consent Order (DCO) application to the Planning Inspectorate, we’re also coming to the end of our consultation on areas for wildlife mitigation, as well as land boundary updates.”  
“Our drop-in Open Surgeries are a great opportunity to come along and find out what the next few months will mean for Wylfa Newydd and the team involved with its development. If you have any questions or whether you’re just curious about our work, come along and meet the team.”
More information about the Wylfa Newydd Project can be found by visiting, calling 0800 954 9516, emailing or following Horizon on Twitter @horizonnuclear and Instagram ‘horizonnuclear’.
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For more information contact:
Richard Foxhall – 07807 769265 or
Notes to editors:
  • Horizon Nuclear Power was formed in 2009 to develop new nuclear power stations in the UK. The company was acquired by Hitachi Ltd of Japan in November 2012.
  • Horizon’s development on Anglesey will represent a multibillion pound investment in North Wales, creating high-quality, long term employment opportunities and unlocking lasting economic and social benefits for the region.

5th February 2018 - Horizon Nuclear Power has today announced the appointment of Gwen Parry-Jones OBE, one of the UK nuclear industry's most respected and experienced leaders, as its new Director, Nuclear Operations.

Gwen will have full responsibility for Horizon's lead development, Wylfa Newydd on Anglesey, including site development and the growing team on the island. She will also play a key role in maintaining and boosting the crucial relationships with stakeholders locally, regionally and across Wales.

Gwen brings with her nearly 30 years of experience within the nuclear industry, including as Generation Development Director and Safety & Assurance Director at EDF Energy, as well as Station Director at Heysham 1 Nuclear Power Station, the first woman to hold this post. Her nuclear career started at the Wylfa Magnox station next door to Horizon’s Wylfa Newydd site.

Originally from Anglesey, Gwen studied and worked there for several years before her career took her away from the island. In her new role she will move full time back to Anglesey, working alongside the local team, including 21 apprentices from the island and North Wales. She will start with Horizon at the beginning of April.

Duncan Hawthorne, Chief Executive at Horizon said: "Gwen’s appointment further boosts the exceptional team here at Horizon and points to our continued growth as an organisation. The skills and experience she brings will prove invaluable as we continue to make strong progress on Wylfa Newydd and as we ready Horizon to become a new leading nuclear operator. I look forward to working with her to deliver this crucial project and the benefits it brings."

Gwen said: "For me this was an unmissable opportunity - the chance to join a growing and talented team, building a uniquely new kind of nuclear company, and delivering a transformative project on my home island. Wylfa Newydd will bring not only much needed clean, affordable, secure power for the UK, but also huge opportunities for three generations of people on and around Anglesey. To be a part of this will be truly exciting and I can't wait to get started."

Greg Evans, previously Operations Director at Horizon, has assumed a new role as Executive Director, Operations with additional leadership responsibilities across the programme and technical teams, as well as continuing to oversee the company's preparations for generation.

The appointment comes as Horizon continues to make strong progress on all aspects of its project, with its reactor technology, the ABWR, having cleared its Generic Design Assessment by the nuclear regulators at the end of last year, and preparations underway to submit its main planning permission in the first part of 2018.

For more information, please contact:
Ben Russell
Mobile: +44 (0) 7580 948 106
Notes to Editors:
About Horizon Nuclear Power
Horizon Nuclear Power was formed in 2009 to develop new nuclear power stations in the UK. It was acquired by Hitachi, Ltd. (TSE: 6501) of Japan in November 2012. The company is developing plans to build at least 5,400MW of new nuclear power generation plant at Wylfa on the Isle of Anglesey and Oldbury-on-Severn in South Gloucestershire. Its power station sites will employ up to 850 people each once operational with construction workforces of up to 9,000.
About Gwen:
Originally from Anglesey, Gwen gained an Honours degree in Physics from Manchester University, before securing a Masters Degree from the University College of North Wales (now Prifysgol Bangor University) in Banking and Finance. She then started her career as a nuclear physicist at Wylfa Magnox station in 1989 before taking on the role of an operations engineer at the Site, one of the first women to do so in the UK nuclear civil sector.  
Gwen then spent several years working her way up the nuclear generation business, including spending time in the US and Canada, returning to the UK to work in various technical and commercial roles. She subsequently secured the role of Plant Manager at Sizewell B Pressurised Water Reactor in Suffolk and then went on to become the Station Director at Heysham 1 Advanced Gas Reactor in Lancashire. She was the first woman in the UK to hold either of these roles and remains the only woman in the UK to have held the licensed role of Station Director. 
Gwen then continued her career at Director level, holding the role of Safety and Assurance Director for EDF Energy, providing advice, regulation and oversight to coal, gas, renewable and nuclear generation assets. She then took the role of Generation Development Director for EDF Energy until December 2017. She also served as an Industry member on the Civil Nuclear Police Authority Board, advising the Civil Nuclear Constabulary.  
She gained a Fellowship of the Institute of Physics and was honoured for her work in Science and Technology with an OBE in 2015.

“How and where to deal with radioactive waste for the long-term needs to be the subject of serious and considered debate. We offered in our response to Dr Clowes to discuss this issue with him in person but regretfully he instead chose to give an incomplete account of our position through the press, free of any context. We are now making the full letter public so people can see all that we said for themselves.

Radioactive waste has been stored safely and securely at Wylfa for decades and this will continue to be the case with Wylfa Newydd. However this is only part of the answer and we fully support the policy of both the Welsh and UK Governments that geological disposal is the safest long-term option. There is a strong and clear international consensus around this point and independent studies in the UK have also confirmed this.
Equally we are clear that where to site a geological disposal facility must be based on the principle of volunteerism, with local communities themselves deciding if they wish to even consider involvement in the process. The Welsh and UK government consultations currently underway are based firmly on this approach and we fully support this being a choice for Anglesey and its elected representatives.”

Dear Carl,

Thank you for your letter dated 29 September 2017, and apologies for the delay in me being able to reply to you.

Due to work and family commitments I was unable to get to the exhibition in Newborough, although I visited Fukushima in March this year, so I’ve seen for myself the scale of the issues facing the community and heard first-hand accounts from local people there who I spoke to.

Although my diary can be challenging, I would be very happy to meet you. In the meantime, thank you for setting out your questions, which I have answered below.

1. Horizon Nuclear Power Wylfa Ltd will be the Site Licensee responsible for the operation of the Wylfa Newydd plant once it is built. Irrespective of the final investors in Wylfa Newydd, Horizon Nuclear Power will remain the sole operator of the plant; it will not be operated by any foreign utility. 

Within Horizon we already have a wide breadth of operational staff who have many years of experience in the running of nuclear power plants. We’ve already started recruiting the wider operational workforce, including local experienced operators from Wylfa, and our technical apprentices who will be trained to maintain the plant. We have a number of years to train our staff to the high standards and expertise demanded by Horizon, and required by the Office for Nuclear Regulation, and we will achieve this in formal partnerships with internationally accredited training partners and operational partners.

It’s my job to make sure our operational workforce is ready for the operational phase of Wylfa Newydd from the mid-2020s onwards for at least 60 years. Regarding experience of operating the reactor technology itself, operational experience is a transferable skill. It’s like a 747 pilot retraining to fly an Airbus A380 – he or she is qualified, but needs training and experience on the specific aircraft type. This process is currently underway and will be ongoing as we ramp up our recruitment, and subject to a rigorous examination phase and successful completion – with Regulatory approval required – the person is formally authorised as competent to operate the plant.

You could also take examples of former Magnox staff who relocated – and retrained – to operate the PWR at Sizewell B, the only reactor of that type currently in the UK as it happens.

2. I’ve spoken to our sole Horizon representative at the Llangefni event you refer to, Richard Foxhall, and nobody approached him with questions or comments there.

Under legislation introduced by the UK Government, we are not able to even begin construction of Wylfa Newydd until we have produced – and had independently verified and approved - what is known as a Funded Decommissioning Plan. This will include an agreed waste management and decommissioning plan covering technical plans, cost estimates and independent funding arrangements to cover costs (in effect a ‘pension plan’ for the plant) . We cannot agree this level of detail without, of course, knowing the volumes of waste that will be produced.

We have submitted our Radioactive Substances Regulation Environmental Permit application to Natural Resources Wales, who are currently consulting with statutory and non-statutory stakeholders, and the public. Our application is available on our website at: 

This is one of a number of permits that we need in order to operate Wylfa Newydd. The application outlines the expected total activity and volume of individual radioactive waste streams and spent fuel, to be generated over a 60 year period. This is based on the radioactivity of the waste at the point of generation, and does not take into account radioactive decay over the operational life of the station.

3. Dr Jones would have made his comment to you from an informed position. I would absolutely have no hesitation in agreeing with him.

4. Hitachi has made it very clear from the outset when they acquired us in 2012 that the business strategy would be looking to bring other investors on board ahead of the construction phase of Wylfa Newydd. It shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone when new shareholders in Horizon are announced. I don’t believe that the recently-announced off-shore energy contracts threaten the viability of our plans as, while we take nothing for granted and will continue to make the case for new nuclear, it continues to have cross-party-political support from the UK Government.

The UK needs a diverse mix of low-carbon electricity generation sources in order to meet its climate change commitments.  Nuclear’s ability to deliver high volumes of stable, low-carbon electricity makes it a vital part of the country’s current and future energy mix, playing its role to ensure a stable baseload supply. The ‘strike price’ has to take into consideration the development costs of any project, and these will vary from project to project.   However, we have always understood that it is a basic requirement of success for Wylfa Newydd that we achieve a fair and competitive price for the project.

We will continue to work together with all parties to drive costs down and deliver at a price that works for government, consumers and our investors. So no, I don’t think it threatens the viability of our Project.

5. The UK currently does not possess the capability to supply nuclear power stations to the industry, and needs new nuclear as part of the future mix of low-carbon generating capability.

I am entirely satisfied that Horizon will be utilising Japanese nuclear technology, specifically the Advanced Boiling Water Reactor as this technology has been built four times previously, each time to schedule and cost. We are confident the business risk can be managed adequately, while geologically the UK is in a region of low seismicity.

The mean height of the power station site is 15 metres above sea level, while the plant and its structures will be robustly designed to withstand a ‘once in 10,000-year event’, and incorporating ‘lessons learned’ from the Fukushima event in 2011 relating to, for example, the site layout design. Further confidence in our design can be gained from the Generic Design Assessment of the UK ABWR carried out by the technology provider, Hitachi-GE, while recommendations contained within the ‘Japanese earthquake and tsunami: Implications for the UK nuclear industry Final Report’ by the then HM Chief Inspector of Nuclear Installations, Dr Mike Weightman are also fully considered in the design of the plant (

Regarding the Contract for difference, or ‘strike price’, each different low-carbon project of whatever technology will negotiate individually to reflect the cost of investment. Each project will have its own challenges and I’d expect to see a range of agreed prices across the wider low-carbon energy sector.

6. It isn’t Hitachi’s intention to sell Horizon after Wylfa Newydd has been established. As mentioned previously, it’s always been Hitachi’s intention to sell shares in Horizon, and whatever the share ownership position, Horizon will remain as the ‘enduring entity’ at Wylfa Newydd, under the full regulatory scrutiny of the Office for Nuclear Regulation and Natural Resources Wales.

7. Safety and security are and always will be our number one priority. The reactor control and information systems are not physically connected to the outside world, thereby negating the potential of a cyber-attack.

Aircraft impact is clearly a matter of foremost consideration in the design and regulation of nuclear plants. It has formed a significant aspect of the regulators’ Generic Design Assessment (GDA) of the UK ABWR, which was successfully concluded last week.

The next step in this process will be a detailed process of site-specific licensing, which will include consideration of the specific local hazards around Wylfa Newydd.

I assume when you say ‘climate change’ you refer to rising sea levels. The site is already 15 metres above mean sea level, and key buildings on the site itself will be raised, and watertight. A recent international research study led by Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute - (A high-end sea level rise probabilistic projection including rapid Antarctic ice sheet mass loss, Environmental Research Letters [2017] - estimates that by the year 2100 oceans could rise by 3 metres, which is well below the base level of Wylfa Newydd. Full assessments of flood risk etc will be conducted as part of our consenting application process.

Processes and procedures for the management, processing and disposal of spent fuel and radioactive waste have been developed over the last 50 years or so, are very well understood, and subject to Regulatory approval and scrutiny - it’s been dealt with safely on the island for over 40 years already.

Very Low Level Waste will, as is current practice, be dispatched to licensed landfill sites, while Low Level Waste will be dispatched to the LLW Repository at Drigg.

Intermediate Level Waste and spent fuel will initially be stored safely and securely at the Wylfa Newydd site until such time as they can be dispatched to the proposed Geological Disposal Facility proposed by UK Government. We are currently obliged to make provision to store these on site for up to 140 years after the end of generation. Again, climate change does not present a credible risk in this regard.

I’ll ask my Executive Assistant to contact you shortly to arrange a meeting. You’d be very welcome to visit my office.


Greg Evans,
Operations Director,
Horizon Nuclear Power Ltd

Horizon Nuclear Power has kick-started its search to recruit top talent by launching its 2018 apprenticeship scheme.

This is the third consecutive year of the Technical Apprenticeship Scheme, which is delivered in partnership with Grŵp Llandrillo Menai, and will see up to 12 new recruits join the existing 21 technical apprentices at Horizon.
The three-year scheme launches at an exciting time for the Project, as the team works towards submitting its Development Consent Order – the permission needed to build Wylfa Newydd – to the UK Government Planning Inspectorate. Successful applicants will join the Horizon team in September 2018 and will have the opportunity to develop their technical and practical knowledge on one of Europe’s most exciting energy projects.
Horizon’s current apprentices have enjoyed a packed programme of theory, practical and extra-curricular activities during their apprenticeships. Alongside their studies, they’ve travelled to Japan to work alongside Hitachi apprentices, visited the factories of some of the UK’s leading manufacturers, worked with local schools, and represented Horizon at community events, such as the Anglesey Show.
Greg Evans, Horizon’s Operations Director, said: “We’re thrilled to be opening applications for our third Technical Apprenticeship Scheme and hope to see lots of applications again this year from creative, ambitious and technically-minded people.
“As a business, Horizon is passionate about supporting talented people and helping them to kick start their careers in the energy sector or re-train people who have experience in other sectors. Our technical apprentices will benefit from the world-class facilities and expertise at Grŵp Llandrillo Menai, which continues to receive our support. Good luck to everyone who applies this year.”
Dafydd Evans, Grŵp Llandrillo Menai’s Chief Executive Officer, said: “We’re especially proud to be working in partnership with Horizon Nuclear Power to make sure people have the training opportunities they need to progress in the area’s developing energy sector. This new group of apprentices will join us at an exciting time, as our new state-of-the-art Engineering Centre will be opening in early 2019."
Aeron Morgan, an apprentice at Horizon, said: “I’ve always wanted to be an engineer and was so happy when I was offered the apprenticeship. I’ve really enjoyed the scheme so far. It’s important to learn the theory behind subjects such as electronics, but I particularly like the practical work that runs alongside it, where we use our new knowledge on real projects.
“Wylfa Newydd is a fascinating and complex project to work on, and gives us apprentices the chance to work with some of the best engineers and receive high quality practical training. I’d encourage anyone with an interest in science, technology, engineering and maths - STEM - subjects to apply.”
Applications can be completed online at between 29 January and 26 February 2018.
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For more information contact:
Fran Tindall  – 07580 948147 or
For further information on nuclear industry apprenticeships and skills schemes:
  • Horizon Nuclear Power was formed in 2009 to develop new nuclear power stations in the UK. The company was acquired by Hitachi Ltd of Japan in November 2012.
  • Horizon’s development on Anglesey will represent a multibillion pound investment in North Wales, creating high-quality, long term employment opportunities and unlocking lasting economic and social benefits for the region

Horizon Nuclear Power’s first Open Surgery of 2018 will be held on Monday 22 January in Cemaes Village Hall.

Local people are invited to come along and meet the team between 1pm and 7pm to find out more about the Wylfa Newydd Project. The session is open to everyone on a drop-in basis, so no appointments are needed.
From February the events will take place on the third Monday of each month in Cemaes Village Hall.  The latest information, documents, maps and images will be available to view at each session.
Richard Foxhall, Horizon’s Stakeholder Relations Manager, said: “2018 is already proving to be another busy year for us here at Horizon as we continue with our preparations to submit our Development Consent Order – the permission we need to build Wylfa Newydd – to the UK Government.  
“As part of these preparations we’ve refined the final details of our plans and are consulting on these updates until 16 February.  If anyone would like to know more about this or learn more about the Project, our team will be on hand to answer questions during our open surgery.”
More information about the Wylfa Newydd Project can be found by visiting, calling 0800 954 9516, emailing or following Horizon on Twitter @horizonnuclear and Instagram ‘horizonnuclear’.

Horizon Nuclear Power will be consulting on the creation of new ecological areas and wetland habitats to help reduce the possible effects of constructing Wylfa Newydd, together with land boundary refinements, between 16 January and 16 February.

Horizon’s main application for Wylfa Newydd, known as a Development Consent Order (DCO), is entering its final stage of preparation. As part of this extensive work, Horizon has identified the need for some additional areas of land, which are needed for the following reasons:
  • To create or enhance wetland sites across Anglesey that, as well as compensating for any potential impact construction may have on the Tre’r Gof Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI), which is within the site boundary, would also enhance and improve the wetland ecology elsewhere on the island. Horizon is currently looking at a number of sites between Cemaes and Amlwch and to the north of Llangefni
  • For two new ecological mitigation areas to reduce the effects of the site clearance plans on wildlife, and minor changes to our connection to the national grid sub-station within the Wylfa Newydd Development Area
  • The confirmed order limits (the boundary of all the land needed to carry out the works) for the new sections of A5025 between Horizon’s site and Valley, and minor refinements to the boundaries of the proposed Off-Site Power Station Facilities at Llanfaethlu and Logistics Centre at Parc Cybi.
Horizon is holding a consultation on these aspects between Tuesday 16 January and Friday 16 February 2018, giving people locally an opportunity to give their feedback before the main application for the power station is submitted in Spring 2018.
Sasha Davies, Head of Strategic Development Wales for Horizon, said: “As one of Europe’s largest construction projects, we’re very aware that building and operating a nuclear power station is a long-term project which comes with its own challenges and impacts. These refinements to our proposals include helping to manage any impact on the ecology at and near our site, and is part of our fundamental commitment to be environmentally responsible for the lifetime of our project.
“As part of this, we’ve been working closely with Isle of Anglesey County Council and Natural Resources Wales (NRW) on a proposal to create new areas of wetland on Anglesey, as well as improve an existing one. We believe that, together with two ecological areas next to site, these important measures will help protect and preserve Anglesey’s wildlife as we build and operate Wylfa Newydd.
“Listening to residents on these proposals makes sure we continue to put Anglesey and wider North Wales at the heart of what we do, so we can deliver positive benefits for generations to come. We look forward to meeting and hearing from people in the coming weeks.” 
Horizon is holding a number of events and drop-in sessions on Anglesey and in North Wales:
FRIDAY 19 JANUARY 1pm – 4pm, Amlwch Memorial Hall, Amlwch
SATURDAY 20 JANUARY 10am – 1pm, Llangefni Town Hall, Llangefni
SATURDAY 20 JANUARY 4pm – 7pm, Cemaes Village Hall, Cemaes Bay
TUESDAY 23 JANUARY 10am – 1pm, Llanfachraeth Village Hall, Llanfachraeth
TUESDAY 23 JANUARY 4pm – 7pm The Valley Anglesey, Valley
WEDNESDAY 24 JANUARY 10am – 12pm Conwy Library, Castle Street
WEDNESDAY 24 JANUARY 2pm – 5:30pm Deiniol Shopping Centre, Bangor
FRIDAY 26 JANUARY 2pm – 7pm Cemaes Village Hall, Cemaes Bay
More information on the proposals will be available when the consultation opens on Tuesday 16 January. Anyone unable to make it to an event, or who wants to find out more, can visit Horizon’s consultation website at More details are also available via Horizon’s established Freephone line on 0800 954 9516 and email enquiry address,