HORIZON NEWS - 23.06.2017

Horizon response to National Audit Office report

A Horizon spokesman said: “The report rightly highlights both the benefits of new nuclear and the challenges that we need to address. We are confident, given the tried and tested nature of our technology and if we learn lessons from the NAO’s report, that we can meet these challenges and deliver at a competitive price”

“We welcome the recognition in the report of the role nuclear can play in helping the UK achieve a low carbon electricity mix at the lowest-cost and that this is a view supported by a wide range of independent energy analysts. Our lead project, Wylfa Newydd, will be a vital part of the UK’s energy future, alongside other nuclear projects as well as renewables.”

“We also recognise the need to continually remake the case for new nuclear, including on cost, as the report sets out. The benefits of nuclear in terms of clean, reliable and secure electricity are clear, but these must also be delivered at a price that works for consumers, the Government, and investors. We will continue to work with all parties, including the Government, to ensure that our project meets this test and the report highlights many of the key areas that we are already considering.”