HORIZON NEWS - 10.08.2020

Road improvement plan for Wylfa Newydd new nuclear power station given go ahead

Planning consent for proposals to widen and resurface the road network around a proposed new nuclear power station on Anglesey has been extended to support the potential remobilisation of the project.
Unanimous approval was granted this week by the Isle of Anglesey County Council’s planning committee, meaning the highways scheme permission remains valid until 2023.
Activity on the Wylfa Newydd project was suspended in 2019 but Horizon Nuclear Power, the developer, has maintained the option to restart and kept major permit activities live. 
A decision on the project’s main ‘Development Consent Order’ from the Secretary of State for Business Energy and Industrial Strategy is due at the end of September. 
Nuclear power stations are seen as critical to regional economic growth, secure power supplies and reaching the goal of Net Zero climate damaging emissions by 2050.
The method of funding new nuclear power stations is being reviewed by the UK Government and a new approach could see a restart for the Wylfa project.
Wylfa Newydd is based on a reactor type which has been built on time and budget four times already and can deliver a lower cost of electricity than the first UK power station for a generation, under construction in Somerset.
It would create thousands of high quality jobs in the region and across the UK and contribute enough zero carbon electricity to power the whole of Wales.

Ifer Gwyn, Head of Stakeholder Communications at Horizon Nuclear Power, said: “Improvements to the A5025 – the main road between Valley and the Wylfa Newydd site – are an important part of the work needed to support the full construction of the power station and would improve access and local safety.  It’s good news the extension to our original consent has been granted and would support a swift re-start to the Wylfa Newydd project"
A5025 Road image