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Here at Horizon, we believe new nuclear power is critical to delivering the secure, low carbon and affordable energy the UK needs into the future.

So we’re proposing to build a new generation of nuclear power stations, with enough capacity to power 11 million homes.

The first of these proposed nuclear power plants will be Wylfa Newydd on the north coast of Anglesey, near the village of Cemaes and next to the former Magnox Wylfa nuclear power station. The second site we’re proposing is near Oldbury-on-Severn in South Gloucestershire, near to Thornbury and next to the former Magnox Oldbury nuclear power station

In January 2019, we announced we were suspending work at Wylfa Newydd, as well as at Oldbury, after it hadn’t been possible to reach an agreement on the financing and associated commercial arrangements in time to sustain ongoing levels of development.  It is hoped a way forward can be found, in discussion with UK Government, that will allow activity to resume so our projects can play a key role in the UK’s low carbon energy future.