Wylfa NewyddNeighbourhood Support Scheme

Construction of the Power Station will form a large scale project carried out over a relatively long period of time. We know that the potential effects of construction are a particular concern to those living nearest to the Power Station Site. 

Our Neighbourhood Support Scheme (NSS) comes in two forms:
  • Property Price Support Plan – provides support for residents living nearest to the Power Station Site who wish to sell their property but where the property sale price has been impacted by the development
  • Local Noise Mitigation Plan – offers extra measures to reduce construction noise at affected residential properties. This plan will be introduced before significant construction activities begin, and once we’ve completed studies to assess the likely extent of construction noise.
What is Property Price Support?
Property Price Support is a voluntary support plan for residents living close to the power station site who wish to move away but are experiencing difficulties achieving a reasonable market price on sale of their property due to the Wylfa Newydd Project. 

Our PPS plan draws upon relevant precedent from other similar projects and offers eligible residents who wish to sell their property the difference between the value of the property with and without the Power Station proposals (i.e. the loss in value), plus a sum of £5,000 towards the costs of moving and professional fees (including valuations) incurred by the applicant. 

Our Neighbourhood Support Scheme Property Price Support booklet explains the PPS plan further. It includes the eligibility criteria for applicants, an example of the process, Q&A, and an application form for residents who wish to apply. You can download the booklet here and an application form here. You can request hard copies by emailing wylfaenquiries@horizonnuclearpower.com or calling free on 0800 954 9516.
If you choose to commission your own valuation for consideration within the PPS plan, a formal RICS Valuation will be required as this is the industry standard for valuing property. This provides consistency and fairness in our dealings with all applicants. The valuation will take full account of the Wylfa Newydd proposals based on the facts available. 

Guidance for valuers
Guidance for valuers can be found on the Property Price Support page.