The Technology

The civil nuclear industry is one of the most highly regulated industries in the UK. Proposed reactor designs undergo a thorough assessment by UK regulators before construction can even begin. 

Advanced Boiling Water Reactors (ABWRs)
As one of the world’s most popular types of nuclear power generation, boiling water reactors provide a reliable form of electricity production. They work by generating steam inside the reactor which is then passed to the turbine, simplifying the process of energy production.
The modular design developed by Hitachi makes ABWRs simpler to construct and easier to operate, while the efficient turbine technology offers reliable electricity generation.
Hitachi's ABWR the world’s first ‘Generation III+’ reactor in operation – provides the highest level of safety and security. This latest design has increased the power generation capacity of the reactor while also decreasing its size – reducing its overall footprint.

Since the introduction of boiling water reactor technology, Hitachi has participated in the design, development and construction of over 20 nuclear power plants in Japan alone.

With enhanced reliability and safety features, Hitachi’s ‘Generation III+’ Advanced Boiling Water Reactors (ABWRs) are the most advanced reactors in commercial operation in the world today. 

As experts in nuclear power generation technology, Hitachi has also developed advanced methods of construction. By assembling plant components at dedicated factories and transporting them directly to the site, Hitachi effectively shortens work periods and raises the level of quality assurance.

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Generic Design Assessment

In 2017 the UK ABWR completed an extensive Generic Design Assessment (GDA). This rigorous, UK-specific process scrutinises reactor technology and ensures that the safety case for the technology is robust. This comprehensive technology assessment carried out by the Office for Nuclear Regulation and the Environment Agency, determined that the UK ABWR technology was appropriate to move to the site-specific licensing stage. 

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