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Land at Shepperdine, near Oldbury in South Gloucestershire, provides an excellent site for a potential new nuclear plant. Located on the banks of the Severn Estuary, it boasts a strong history of nuclear power generation, an experienced local skills base and good connection into the electricity transmission network.

Understanding the potential

A new nuclear power station at Oldbury could generate a minimum of 2,900MW of low carbon electricity, substantially more than the existing station. To achieve this it would require new cooling towers to cool the steam that is used to generate electricity.

Based on our initial studies, circular 'hybrid' cooling towers would be the preferred option for the site given the research findings and the importance of this decision for the local community. These smaller cooling towers are more in keeping with the height of the former Magnox power station adjacent to the site.

Major project milestones

There are several key stages in the planning process before any construction can take place. To build a new nuclear power station a Development Consent Order (DCO) application must be submitted to The Planning Inspectorate. This process involves a significant period of consultation and can take several years to complete.

Next steps

A fundamental principle for our developments is that the Oldbury programme should learn from our lead site Wylfa Newydd. In January 2019 we announced that we were suspending work at Wylfa Newydd, as well as at Oldbury, after it hadn’t been possible to reach an agreement on the financing and associated commercial arrangements in time to sustain ongoing levels of development.

It is hoped a way forward can be found, in discussion with UK Government, that will allow activity to resume so our projects can play a key role in the UK’s low carbon energy future.  While we consider our next steps we remain committed to being a good neighbour and responsible landowner locally and will ensure the local community is kept up to date.
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