Developing our Wylfa Newydd project responsibly is at the heart of everything we do.

While we recognise a new power station for Anglesey is a significant development locally, we’re committed to ensuring any negative effects of the project are minimised while maximising opportunities to deliver environmental benefits and a long-term legacy of local and regional enhancement.
Managing potential environmental impacts of Wylfa Newydd
Horizon has carried out extensive assessment of potential environmental impacts associated with the Wylfa Newydd development proposals as part of the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and Habitats Regulations Assessment (HRA) processes. This work has identified a suite of measures required to appropriately mitigate the predicted potential effects.

The environmental mitigation requirements for the Wylfa Newydd development would primarily be secured in accordance with the requirements of the Development Consent Order and the Marine Licence.
Construction and operation of the power station will also have to abide by environmental discharge limits set out in Environmental Permits that would be obtained from Natural Resources Wales.
Working for Wylfa’s Wildflife
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