Wylfa Newydd – About Our Site

The Wylfa Newydd site, on the Isle of Anglesey, is ideally situated for low carbon nuclear power production. 

Our proposals for Wylfa Newydd would bring significant investment and benefits to the region, boosting the long-term economic future of the area.

The site is on land beside the former Magnox Wylfa Power Station, which is now being decommissioned. It provides good foundation conditions for a new nuclear power station and is high above sea level, which simplifies the process of managing flood risks.

Developing Wylfa Newydd would be a large construction project. The different components of our proposals are likely to include:
  • a power station, including two nuclear reactors with a minimum generating capacity of 2900 MW;
  • a Marine Off-Loading Facility (MOLF);
  • cooling water intake and outfall structure
  • electricity transmission infrastructure;
  • other associated buildings, such as administration offices, park and ride facilities, temporary worker accommodation, and at least one logistics centre;
  • construction of a temporary Site Campus to accommodate construction workers;
  • interim waste and spent-fuel storage facilities;
  • access roads; and
  • measures and initiatives to manage any impacts during the construction and operation of a new power station.

Major project milestones

There are several key stages in the planning process before any construction can take place. To build a new nuclear power station a Development Consent Order (DCO) application must be submitted to The Planning Inspectorate. This process involves a significant period of consultation and can take several years to complete. Horizon submitted its DCO for Wylfa Newydd in June 2018.
In January 2019 we announced that we were suspending work at Wylfa Newydd, as well as at our second site at Oldbury, after it hadn’t been possible to reach an agreement on the financing and associated commercial arrangements in time to sustain ongoing levels of development.
It is hoped a way forward can be found, in discussion with UK Government, that will allow activity to resume so our projects can play a key role in the UK’s low carbon energy future.  While we consider our next steps we remain committed to being a good neighbour and responsible landowner locally and will ensure the local community is kept up to date.

If you have any specific questions or feedback on the Wylfa Newydd Project you can contact us on our dedicated Wylfa Newydd hotline and email address, by calling free on 0800 954 9516 or emailing wylfaenquiries@horizonnuclearpower.com